Safety & Wellbeing

7_1.jpgKeeping people safe

Keeping people safe has been a cornerstone of Rescare’s philosophy since our inception. We are committed to providing, promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and a safe and healthy home for the people we support.

Workplace health and safety is about looking out for one another and supporting each other to ensure that we are all working in a safe place. Developing a culture of safety is important to Rescare and we believe that this is an ongoing and continuous process that requires Rescare to proactively listen, collaborate and work with staff, residents and any other people. 

Rescare encourages staff, residents, health and safety representatives, visitors, contractors and others to speak up and have their say on matters relating to health and safety. 

Keeping residents healthy

When a new person moves into a Rescare home, some prefer to remain with their current family doctor. Wherever possible – depending on the clinic’s proximity to Rescare – we will ensure that this happens.

We are fortunate to have two medical centres located near both sites which many residents attend. The GPs at these practices are caring and empathetic doctors who are inclusive to our staff and our residents’ families.

Telisa Pearson-Collett is Psychologist in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). She provides behavioural support to those who need it.
Speech language therapy (SLT) is also available through an experienced practitioner who is often assisted by students training in SLT.